live performing arts, experimental site-specific
devised theatre, interactive performance, and public art


Associate Artists


Vessel Co-founders

Lea Bender is a founding member of Vessel whose work with Rachel Bowditch dates back to their collaborations in 1996 on The Theater of Madness, and the original performance of Transfix.  Her work reflects her passion for the use of creativity and play to promote learning and personal development and to encourage new ways of interacting with our environment and communities. Her background in performance has ranged from avant-garde theater to indie film ( to circus (fire, stilts, trapeze).  She is based in NYC where she is the Education Director at the Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture ( Lea is also nearing completion of a memoir about the months she spent with a community of spirit mediums in Ghana. Her play on the subject, Second Sight, has been performed in San Francisco, Philadelphia, and New York. More on Second Sight, click here. 

Jeff Grow (Magician/Performer) has been featured in films, national and international commercials and his live shows have been presented in venues throughout New York City and Europe. His most recent production, Creating Illusion, received two New York Innovative Theatre Awards: Outstanding Solo Performer & Outstanding Performance Art Production. In addition to performing he consults on original creative content for film, commercials and theatre.


Phoenix, AZ

Devising Collaborators

Denise Uyehara, Adam Cooper-Terán (Verbobala), Ryan Pinto, Logan Phillips (Verbobala), Glenn Weyant (SonicAnta), Eileen Standley, Julie Rada, Chelsea Pace, Shay Webster, Jennifer Strickland, Lauren Breunig, Julie Akerly, Shelby Keefe, Ashley Baker, Martha Hernandez, Corinne Bocchino, Kerry Wieder, Elizabeth Widmer, Caitlyn Conlin, Katie May, Monique Massiah, Kelsi Zahl, Kate Kugler, Portia Beacham, and Cassidy Rogers.


Ian Shelanskey, Michael Bateman, Mahya Razavi, Emma Weber, Chris Loomis (Photography), Saskia Jorda (installation artist), Simon De Aguero (architect/graduate of Taliesin West), Tedy Isaacks (lighting design), Alex Oliszewski (media design), Dan Fine (media design), Matthew Reagan (media design), Adam Vachon (lighting design), Anastacia Schneider (costume design), Brunella Provvidente (set design), and Ellen Beckett (stage manager/production manager)

New York City

Devising Collaborators
Paola Solomon, Bertie Ferdman, Kristin Haynes, Nikki Verhoff, Tracey Fischette, Lea Bender, Jeff Grow, Alexis Ryan, Rich Szpigel, Matthew Hamm, Sebastian White, Hannah Cabell, and Cypher Zero.


Kara Hatch (graphic design), Bruce Bowditch (photography/set design), Stephen Brady (lighting design), David Brandt (sound design), Ferenz (live violin), Perchick Miller (sound design/editing), Susan Riskin (producer), Rick McKay (video editing), Square Square (media design), and Chacha Sikes (graphic design).

Vessel Performers

Dan Tobin, Vickie Hall, Kyra Jackson, Elisa Gonzales, Shannon Phelps, Ashley Baker, Jamey Garner, Jasmine Benton, Emily May, Najyyiah Michelle Gaither, Julie Akerly, Julie Rada, Shelby Keefe, Anca Mihalcescu, Fouad Melki, Caitlyn Ross, Tim Sorek, Jake Hylton, Shay Webster, Matt Watkins, Abraham Ntonya, Katie Kotulak, Grace Rolland, David Starry, Casey Welsch, Logan Phillips, Adam Cooper-Terán, Jamie Hendricks, Kat Bingham, Thomas Bross, Jennifer Strickland, Portia Beacham, Austin Bree Fox, Toby Johnson-Bates, Nicolas McEntire, Rina Hajra, Matt Myers, Chris Allen, Kristina Serna, Drew Ignatowski, Jamie Sandomire, Laine Nelson, Aaron Wester, Anne Wareing, Philip Zisman, Stacey Sotosky, Nicholas Broderick, Erica Majtenyi, Jessica Rajko, Stjepan Rajko, Jody James, Nina Watt, Courtenay Cholovich, Sara Schwabe, Kathleya Afanador, Brittany Roa, Brent Davis, Natalie Schmidt, Valerie Vassilas, Sentell Harper, Maria Enriquez, Jenea Sanchez,  Kyle Wills, Jami Haas, Michael Thompson, Laura Miner, Renetto-Mario Etsitty, Gibran Villalobos, Jim Cavera, Katie Cochran, Donna Blumenfeld, Ben Overbough, Nayla Altamirano, Jessica Weaver, Adam Pinti, Joya Scott, John Tzelepis, Caitlyn Conlin, David McCormick, Cathan Bordyn, Alex Smith, Sarah Clevinger, Michael Margetis, Marshall Vosler, Tracey Fischette, Lea Bender, Jeff Grow, Rich Szpigel, Josh Matthews, Sarah Kozinn, Jenny Sargent, Timothy Speed Levitch, Tanya Calamoneri, Serene Zloof, Ximena Garnica, Gregory Frumin, Paola Solomon, Micole Raab, Bertie Ferdman, Kristin Haynes, Nikki Verhoff, John Ivory, Kelly Bucala, Liz Pink, and Gillian Chadsey,


Chris Loomis, Scott London, Jean Esquivel, Nicolas Goldberg, Bill Durgin, John Tzelepis,
Liz Pink, Saskia Jorda, Alex Oliszewski, Bruce Bowditch, and Ron Nachtwey among others.