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Featured Press

Praise for The Sun Serpent by Jose Cruz Gonzales. Directed by Rachel Bowditch.

Originally produced by Childsplay 2011. Remounted at Mixed Blood theatre, minneapolis, 2014.

"Over the course of the show, the actors speak in three different languages representing the Spaniards, Aztec, and other native peoples. Subtitles aid those of us not so well versed in the languages and add a whole other dimension of the distance between cultures and creates an incredible sense of uniqueness about the production. The illusion of three people representing entire armies is helped by truly outstanding costuming. Masks, headdresses, cloaks, talismans, weapons and armor all help tell the story of two brothers who see Cortés’ ships land and are pulled in two different directions by the god-like strangers. […] The technical aspects stand out in my mind as amazing—physically it spans the whole width of the theater, varying in depth thanks to ceiling high panels that are either transparent or opaque, depending on which of the many, frequently changing settings are projected on them. The aforementioned costumes and the use of different kinds of music with the different languages spoken are impressive. It’s truly absorbing, and an excellent lesson in Latino culture and history.”

-- Lisa Olson,  “Sun Serpent Enchants and Educates at Mixed Blood Theatre,” Twin Cities Daily Planet, March 11, 2014.

“When you walk into the mainstage area for Mixed Blood Theatre’s new production The Sun Serpent, you might be immediately struck by the simple, yet elaborate set design. It looks like a jungle. It sounds like a jungle, and if you hadn’t just walked in from the Minnesota tundra, it might even feel like a jungle. But that’s not why the set design is so magical. As the play begins, the scene, through projections on screens, is transformed into a sun-drenched village in Mexico. From there it changes to the seashore, and then to an underwater fishing expedition, and then to the royal court many miles inland. There are probably close to 50 scene changes in this short 75-minute play. They are rapid, and beautiful. Each one is filled with vibrant colors depicting a specific time and place in the play. And each change helps to complete the operatic styling of the show. Each color and projection helps take you a step closer to the world being examined in this play. Carey Wong, the scenic designer, and his entire team, deserve full credit for taking the space inside an old firehouse and transforming it into a pre-conquered Mexico. Without Wong’s creative set, and the vision of Rachel Bowditch, the director, this show would not have been so successful.”

-- Tamar Neumann, “The Sun Serpent,” Aisle Say Twin Cities, March 3, 2014.

Selected Press

  • “Top 100 Creatives: What’s Your Passion,” Selected as one of the top 100 creatives for 2015 by Origin Magazine. Pp.42. Distributed nation-wide.“Mesa SPARK Festival featuring Vessel’s Equinox,” Channel 12 News, March 2015.

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  • Preston, Rohan, “Mixed Blood’s ‘Sun Serpent’ is a theatrical pageant of Pathos,” Minneapolis Star Tribune. March 3, 2014.
    • “Under the deft direction of Rachel Bowditch, and with a company of three splendid actors, “Sun Serpent” unfolds as a highly theatrical   historical pageant. It is replete with multimedia spectacle, evocative masks and winning performances by Adrian Hernandez, Andres Alcala and Andrea Morales. These three actors ably play dozens of roles in a story that is told in English, Spanish and the Aztec tongue of Nahuatl (Mixed Blood uses surtitles).”

  • Cover of Visit Mesa Tourist Bureau brochure featured Vessel’s Spectrum on 10,000 printed copies.


  • Lengel, Kerry. “Critics’ Pick: Best Arts Laboratory/ASU School of Film, Dance and Theatre,” Best of Phoenix 2014 Arizona Republic,December 2014.
    • “ASU graduates and teachers have made a big impact on the Valley's theater scene, from the multimedia experimentalists at Orange Theatre to professors Rachel Bowditch and Eileen Standley, who last year staged the interactive dance-theater event "Asylum," exploring the theme of women, writing and madness.”

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