live performing arts, experimental site-specific
devised theatre, interactive performance, and public art


Directed by Rachel Bowditch Poetic Text by Tracey Fischette, Lea Bender and Rachel Bowditch
Performed by Lea Bender, Tracy Fischette, Rich Szpigiel, and Cyper-Zero. A girl named Arcana,with telepathic powers, struggles to find her place in the world. We travel with her through time and logic to a crossroads between chaos and order, where the surreal is real and reality absurd. Arcana was inspired by the many train trips I took around Europe, in particular, throughout Germany. One cannot help be transported back in time when seeing abandoned train tracks scattered throughout the countryside--tracks that used to transport human cargo to the concentration camps. What happens when the current moment is interrupted with psychic flashes of the past--a glitch in the time and space continuum. Through poetry and dance combined with acrobatics, masks, stilts and over the top characters, we created a mystical universe where anything is possible.
**Unfortunately, no photos exist of this production.


​Conceived and Directed by Rachel Bowditch

An Original Devised work based on fragments of poetry, the arcana of memory and the drawings of Leonardo Da Vinci
The Downstairs Series Ontological-Hysteric Theatre, NYC August 2002